Visiting the eye doctor?

Make sure you get your prescription.

Approximately 45 million Americans wear contact lenses according to the CDC.  Advances in technology have made contacts a much more popular form of vision correction, and the federal government has implemented guidelines for contact lens prescribers and sellers that protect consumers.

Learn more about your rights when getting an eye exam.

Consumer seeks help with underperforming solar panels

Our Las Vegas partners at KTNV 13 Action News took the call and are helping a frustrated consumer with solar panels he had installed in his home.  The homeowner had been assured when he bought the panels that they would provide nearly 100% of his energy, cutting his...

Online scam sends victims seeking puppies to another victim’s home

Our Atlanta partners at WAGA bring the story of a cruel scam.  An unknown fraudster has been advertising puppies online, requesting a downpayment to reserve the dog, then giving out a random address.  The would-be puppy owners show up and the occupant of the address...