A Job Watching Television

Want to make money by watching television? We have the perfect job for you, or least that’s what the flyer claims.

According to the ad, you can make $8988 in one week watching TV, and you thought being a couch potato was unproductive. How can you land this dream job? Simply send $26 to cover the cost of getting started.

Included with the promotion for your job of a lifetime is what appears to be a page out of a newspaper that touts the incredible amount of money to be made counting ads on television. Just one problem…close examination of the document reveals that it is just a mock up of a column and is not from an actual newspaper.

If you are still interested, let me give you a few words of warning. There’s an extremely good chance that you will find this is just another one of the long list of schemes that promise golden work at home opportunities but only deliver money to the promoters of the scam.