Buying a used car? Here's what you need to know

Recent data indicates that 60% of US consumers have been priced out of the new car market. As a result, used vehicle purchases now account for 72% of automotive sales. With the average used car purchase price coming in just under $15,000, consumers can’t afford to make a mistake.  A vehicle history report can be a powerful tool in avoiding a vehicle with a troubled past. Few used car buyers have their prospective purchase independently inspected for mechanical issues before the sale. Ignoring these steps can be a costly mistake.

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  Home Repair Tax Credits

Don’t you just love the idea of improving your home and getting a tax credit for the effort? That’s exactly what the federal government is doing with its offer of a tax credit in 2006 and 2007 to help pay for the purchase of new insulation, storm windows and doors and new Energy Star certified windows. The installation costs are on you. Furnaces, boilers and central air conditioners are also covered in the rebate, as well as a new, qualified water heater. So if you are making improvements to your home why not find out exactly what and how much you can claim as a tax credit? A good place to start is Elisabeth Razzi’s The Fearless Home Buyer, featured at Keep in mind, tax credits are even better than tax deductions because they directly reduce the amount of tax you owe.
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