Money Give-Away?

Are you aware that rich people are giving away money? Want to know where and why?

Some of the best consumer reports come from consumers who send us the interesting, the bizarre, the downright outrageous and sometimes humorous pitches. This clipping from the classified section of a newspaper fits into several of those categories and came from a long-time listener who has been a source of much valuable information on scams targeting individuals as well as small businesses.

Back to the business at hand, what’s this about money being given away? The newspaper ad blared in large type, “free cash now.” It went on to say that wealthy families were unloading millions of dollars to help minimize their taxes and to write immediately…and where were you to write? Why Las Vegas, Nevada of course. My guess is that anyone who responds to this ad will be told to send money to purchase a list of people who are giving away money. Unfortunately, some people will do just that, lured into believing it is genuine because it appeared in their local newspaper. Keep in mind, just because it is in print doesn’t mean it is legitimate.