Last fall a Madison family was planning a vacation to spend time with an ill loved one. When a hurricane made the trip impossible, the airline refused a refund. More problems arose as they tried to rebook the tickets to a new destination. After showing up to board their new flights and being denied boarding the family contacted our WISC-TV Call For Action team. Our volunteers were able to help get a $7000 refund from the airline.

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Travel insurance could have made a difference in this situation. Here are some of the most common protections travel insurance can offer:

1.  Trip cancellation — many policies will reimburse for non-refundable payments if you have to cancel because of an illness, job loss or other reasons. Most providers will even allow customers to cancel their trip if an act of terrorism happened at the destination within 30 days of the arrival date, according to AAA.

2.  Trip interruption — insurance can reimburse the remaining non-refundable payments of your vacation if you can’t finish it because of illness, death or other unforeseen circumstances

3.  Emergency medical transportation — this can cost $100,00 or more abroad, according to AAA. Many policies also cover emergency medical treatments.

4.  Miscellaneous — anything from lost or damaged luggage, missed connecting flights, and theft or damage to your rental car can be covered by travel insurance.