Our partners at KKTV in Colorado Springs spoke with a man who thought he had been given a great offer to act as a mystery shopper.  He had been a mystery shopper before, so he was not suspicious when he received a text message offering him the job.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a scam.  He was sent a check for $1,950, along with instructions to buy a $200 Walmart gift card gift card, scratch off the pin, and send a photo of the card.  He obliged, only to learn the next day that the check had bounced.  He went back to Walmart with the card, but the balance had already been wiped and there was no way to recover his money.  The man said he should have noticed some red flags with the offer.  There were no deadlines or dates on the check he was sent.  Yet another red flag is a problem Call For Action has reported frequently lately:  Scammers requesting prepaid gift cards, or pictures of the card and pin number.  Consumers should be very suspicious of anyone who asks them to send a prepaid gift card or wire money, as these are frequently the tactics of scammers.  Never send someone a gift card unless it is a gift to someone you know.  Only wire funds to reputable organizations you can trust and verify.

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