It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  In this era of rapidly expanding online shopping, package deliveries surge during the holiday season.  When it comes to online commerce, the convenience of getting purchases shipped to your home also comes with some risk.  When nobody is home, the delivery person will sometimes leave packages outside.  “Porch Pirates” are becoming notorious for stealing these unattended packages, sometimes even following delivery trucks around neighborhoods.  This can be a problem all year around, but these crimes spike this time of year, as our Washington, DC partners at WJLA report.

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Here are some steps to better secure your deliveries and avoid theft:

  • Have your package delivered to your office rather than a home address where nobody will be home during the day.
  • Some sellers let you set up an alert for when your package arrives, enabling you to ensure it is picked up promptly.
  • If you know a trustworthy neighbor will be home, you can ask them to watch out for the package, pick it up, and store it for you.  You can also
  • Some local businesses are willing to receive packages for customers.  Ask around and find out if any of your neighborhood businesses are willing to accept delivery and hold packages for you securely.
  • If your package is stolen, many sellers will replace the item if you report it.  Even though this fixes the problem, it takes more time and can still be a hassle — Especially if your delivery is a time-sensitive gift for the holidays!  You’re better off taking some precautions and treat this as a last-resort measure.

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