Volunteer firefighters work hard to keep our communities safe.  Our partners at WIVB in Buffalo report on the story of a volunteer fire company who sought to upgrade their professional wardrobe, only to be disappointed by a regional contractor.  Having historically worn their own attire for formal events, the fire company voted to purchase Class A dress uniforms, giving them a more professional look, for formal events.  They signed a contract with a major regional uniform company last year, had everyone fitted by September, but with their annual banquet fast approaching, five members are still missing their uniforms.  WIVB’s Call For Action group reached out to the uniform company last month, who assured them the order would be completed before this week’s event, but that hasn’t happened and they have not returned calls.  Disappointed, and expecting the order won’t be completed, the fire company has voted to not wear the new dress uniforms because everyone doesn’t have them.  The fire company indicated that they do not plan on paying for the order until it is complete.

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