Amazon Prime Day was last week, but consumers are still turning to online shopping, seeking convenience and bargains.  Karen Stiles, Call 4 Action Director, at WTMJ has some tips on how to avoid scams, get the best price, and ensure you get what you paid for.

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Tips for online shopping:

  • Before you click and pay, pay attention to who you are buying from and check out their reputation, terms, and conditions (especially return policies).  Even if you’re shopping on a well-known site, you may actually be purchasing from a third party seller whose reputation, terms and conditions may differ from those of the better-known site.
  • Do some comparison shopping.  Some sites will claim they are offering a big discount, but you may find out it’s not such a great deal if you compare with other sellers.
  • When your order arrives, open it immediately to ensure your item is not broken or defective and that it meets your expectations.  If something is wrong, contact the seller right away.
  • If you buy an item online and later find it advertised for a cheaper price elsewhere, contact the merchant to ask for a price adjustment.  If they won’t adjust the price and you can’t return the item, you can try contacting your credit card company. Some card issuers will credit your statement for the difference in price.
  • If you have a problem with an online order and can’t get the merchant to help, you may still have some options.  If you paid with a credit card, you can always contact your credit card company to contest the charge. If you bought from a third-party seller, contact the well-known site you ordered through.  These bigger sites are often interested in hearing about customer experiences with third-party sellers and willing to help resolve issues.