Spectrum Internet Assist – Charter Communications

Charter Communications’ Spectrum Internet Assist provides a low-cost, high-speed internet service for low-income families and seniors for $14.99 per month, plus taxes and fees. Spectrum Internet Assist will be available throughout Charter’s legacy service area with a goal of covering the remaining Charter footprint by mid-2017. Check the program’s website to see if your zip code qualifies.


  • The $14.99/mo includes a 30/4Mbps speed package, all standard internet features (security suite, mailboxes, etc), a modem at no extra cost. Installation, equipment, taxes, fees and surcharges may be extra.
  • For wireless WiFi, there is a $5/mo fee that includes the router. The activation fee is waived and the rate will not be increased during the life of the program.
  • Additional Services: Spectrum Internet Assist may be bundled with other services but the Assist rate does not change (i.e. the Triple Play bundle with Spectrum Internet Assist/Voice/TV service starts as $74.97). Standard/promotional installation rates for TV and voice service apply. Standard billing and collection processes apply.


Spectrum Internet Assist provides the modem at no extra cost with free self-installation for $14.99/mo. For $5/mo, you can receive a WiFi capable modem that will give you wireless internet access for laptops, tablets and smartphones. There is no activation fee and the rate will not increase during the life of the program.


Families and Seniors:

  • Families with at least one child who is a recipient of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the NSLP
  • Seniors who are 65 or older and receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • Current phone and video customers who meet one of the two criteria noted above
  • Enrollees cannot have had a Charter Communications Internet service subscription within 30 days prior to signing up
  • Enrollees will NOT be denied participation due to a bad credit score but must clear any outstanding debt incurred within the last year with Charter Communications’ services. Further, enrollees cannot have any outstanding debt to Charter Communications for services provided under this offer.


Visit SpectrumInternetAssist.com or call toll-free hotline at 844-525-1574 for assistance. When prompted press 2; after you press 2 as a new customer you can check eligibility by pressing 1. You will then be instructed to press 1 if a member of your household is a recipient of the National School Lunch Program or the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the NSLP ,or to press 2 if you’re 65 or older and receive SSI.  At this point, you will be transferred to a representative.