Our partners at WINK in Fort Myers, Florida helped two homeowners who were struggling with the same roofing contractor.  Both had signed contracts to have their roofs replaced, both put down 50% deposits, but the work was significantly delayed in both cases.  In one case the contractor ripped off the original roof, then requested an additional 25% payment before completing the job, which was contrary to the terms of their contract.  In the other case, the homeowner provided the additional 25% payment, but almost a year after the initial agreement, the roof was still incomplete.  WINK reached out to the roofing company and got a response apologizing for the delays, and soon thereafter, both roofing projects were approaching resolution.  In a third case, however, a man attempted to cancel his contract after crews still hadn’t shown up a month after they were initially scheduled to begin work.  He was sent a bill for a cancellation fee.  While the contractor has since confirmed that this homeowner doesn’t have to pay the fee, it is unclear whether he will get his initial deposit back.

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