Buying and selling a home can be a complicated process, and all the paperwork involved routinely confuses consumers.  Things can get even more confusing with mobile homes, which have some characteristics of both houses and cars.  Our partners at WFMY in Greensboro, North Carolina were able to help a consumer who tried to sell her mobile home, only to learn she didn’t have the crucial paperwork to do so.  The woman had purchased the mobile home two years earlier for $7,000.  The owner of the mobile home park who sold her the home said that she would have the title to the mobile home within a few weeks, but it never arrived.  When she decided it was time to sell the mobile home, she learned that she could not do so without the title.  The DMV was unable to tell her who had the title due to privacy reasons and told her to hire a lawyer.  Instead of hiring an attorney, she contacted WFMY’s News2 Call For Action team, who reviewed the sale documents and reached out to the mobile home park owner.  After a short call, the title was delivered within two weeks, enabling her to go forward with putting the mobile home on the market.

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