Utility bills can vary by season and circumstance, but huge variations can be a sign something is seriously wrong. Our Buffalo affiliate at WIVB Call 4 Action reports on the story of a household that saw their water bill jump more than 30 times its previous high. Like many water companies, this utility charges its bill quarterly, rather than monthly. When a bill came in at more than $7,000, it left the consumers stunned. They called for action and the issue was investigated — it turns out the jump was a combination of two factors. There was a small leak on a spigot outside their house, which led to increased water usage over time, but a former employee had also entered the bill incorrectly. To solve it, they reduced the bill by more than $5,000 and fixed the leak. They were left with a balance just under $1,000 and given a payment plan. This serves as a good reminder for consumers: Watch for abnormally high utility bills and don’t be afraid to speak up — It may be possible to correct an error. As far as the leak, make sure you check all of your water sources periodically for leaks and ensure they are fixed. Small drips can add up, cost money, and damage your property.

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