Our partners at WBZ ITeam’s Call 4 Action in Boston were able to help a man who ran into trouble renewing his drivers license.  When he went to renew, he was told that he had to pay an outstanding ticket from 2007.  He had paid it at the time, and it had not been an issue for multiple license renewals since.  However, the registry of motor vehicles (RMV) said the balance would need to be paid unless they could prove they had paid previously.  Since the man did not retain a canceled check for a fine he’d paid 11 years ago, he paid the $100 ticket a second time to get his license renewed, then contacted the ITeam’s Call 4 Action.  They called the RMV and, within hours, the man got another call confirming that a refund would be issued.  Evidently, the issue arose from the fact that the court no longer had a record of the case.  The RMV claims that it was an isolated incident.

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