Our partners at WBZ in Boston report on the successful resolution their I-Team’s Call For Action was able to achieve for a consumer trying to sell her car.  Trying to trade in her car for a new model, she was surprised when the dealer offered her a fraction of what she thought the car was worth, due to an accident listed on her Carfax report.  The accident, however, had never occurred.  Around the same time, the consumer also began receiving numerous EZ-Pass bills from the state of New Hampshire, despite the fact that she hadn’t driven to that state.  Confused by the erroneous Carfax report and unable to figure out the cause of the State of New Hampshire’s EZ-Pass bills despite weeks of calls and emails to both, she reached out to I-Team’s Call For Action for help.  After a call to the State of New Hampshire, a spokesperson for the state confirmed that the error was due to an image review problem, mistaking another license plate for hers, and the issue was corrected immediately.  Carfax responded immediately as well, issuing a clean report.  The consumer was able to sell her car for triple the price initially offered by the dealership, a difference of thousands of dollars.

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