Call For Action volunteers with our partners at KTNV in Las Vegas were able to help a woman who ended up with an enormous price hike when she tried to cancel an internet service contract.  She had attempted to set up internet service in a family member’s home.  The relative suffers from dementia, and she wanted to hook up security cameras to monitor the house and when caregivers came and went.  She signed a contract with a satellite internet provider, who installed equipment on the property, but she immediately had serious performance issues with the internet service.  A few days later, the relative collapsed and was taken to the hospital.  Since she knew the relative would not be returning home any time soon, she called to cancel the internet service.  She was told that, since she had signed a contract, she would need to pay a $1,295 cancellation fee.  She discovered that the fee was higher because she had mistakenly listed the house as a business when she signed the contract.  Failing to get anywhere with the internet provider’s customer service, she was prepared to give up and just pay the bill.  That’s when a friend suggested she reach out to Contact 13 Call For Action.  A volunteer was able to escalate the issue from customer service to management, and the company acknowledged that the connection should never have been set up as a business account.  The satellite company waived the contract and charges.

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