Our partners at KTVI’s Contact 2 in St. Louis report on a mother who prefers to get her son’s prescription drugs in person, even if it means driving over an hour from home.  The son received a liver transplant six years ago and has been reliant on a series of prescription drugs to keep his body from rejecting the transplant ever since.  They initially received these prescription drugs in the mail, but not long after the operation, the son became severely sick.  The latest shipment had mistakenly been left outside in the heat for too long during delivery, and the medicine was negatively impacted.  Ever since, the mother has taken the extra precaution of picking up her son’s medicine in person, driving more than an hour each way to a trusted pharmacy.  They changed insurance this year, and the new insurer informed them that the medication would need to be shipped going forward.  Worried , about the safety of this arrangement, the woman reached out to Contact 2, who spoke with the insurer.  While they maintain that their shipment controls meet or exceed industry standards, the insurer agreed that they could continue to pick up their prescriptions at the same pharmacy for peace of mind.  If you are concerned about the temperature control of your medications, you can speak to your pharmacy about their storage and delivery standards.  If you experience health issues and believe your medication may have been negatively impacted by temperature or other factors before you got it, discuss it with your doctor.

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