Our partners at KTNV in Las Vegas report on a consumer who was able to get her vehicle’s air conditioner repaired after she reached out to Contact 13’s Call For Action.  Last summer, the air conditioner in her SUV had stopped working, so she paid a mechanic $800 to install a new one.  A year later, the air conditioner stopped working.  Knowing it was under warranty, the consumer took her SUV back to the mechanic, but when she presented the receipt, the mechanic argued that the warranty information was not on the receipt, refusing to repair or replace the air conditioner.  She reached out to Contact 13’s Call For Action, and after one call from volunteers, the manager contacted the consumer within minutes, saying that they’d found the warranty information and would fix the issue promptly.

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Make sure you retain copies of warranties you may need to rely on in the future.  If you have the warranty in writing, it is harder for a seller to argue against it.