Our Philadelphia partners at 6abc Action News share a pair stories in which their Call For Action Troubleshooters team was able to get customers a positive outcome after bad customer service experiences.  One customer purchased what she thought would be her dream washer and dryer. Only 2 weeks after it was delivered, she began having problems.  

At first, lint from the dryer was getting on her clothes.  A repair technician was sent, who explained that this was a new model and that the issue should go away.  A couple of weeks after that, the washer started making a grinding noise. Shortly after that was fixed, there was a third problem: the door to the washing machine stopped opening.  She contacted Sears, requesting they replace the defective appliance, but was informed that she was just outside the 30-day window for replacement.

After contacting Action News Troubleshooters, Call for Action volunteers were able to resolve the issue within a day.  Sears called the customer to apologize, and she received a brand new washer and dryer within two days.

In a second story, a bride-to-be consulted the Troubleshooters after learning that her wedding dress, for which her mother had paid in full, was never ordered.  The owner of the shop had promised a full refund, but then closed the shop and never paid them back.

Action News’s Troubleshooters contacted the owner repeatedly, and eventually the family received the promised refund, a few days before they were scheduled to take the seller to court.  They also received an apology from the seller via email.

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