When a consumer buys a car and pays it off, they should have a reasonable expectation that they actually own it. Our Washington, DC partners at WJLA 7 On Your Side Call For Action were able to secure a significant cash settlement for a Maryland man whose car was unexpectedly repossessed after he’d finished paying it off.  One morning last year, preparing for his commute, he found that his car was gone.  He called the police to report it and learned that it had been repossessed.  This seemed impossible — He had just finished paying the car off.  After three months without a car, commuting more than 4 hours to work via train and bus, he still hadn’t made any progress in recovering his car.  Unsure what to do, he contacted 7 On Your Side Call For Action, who did some digging and found out that the DC government had sold the car at auction with a clean title, but a prior lien had still remained on the car from a bank that financed it under a prior owner.  The discrepancy was due to a paperwork error on the bank’s end, and they have apologized for the error.  The car, meanwhile, is for sale at a dealership and cannot be recovered.  Thanks to 7 On Your Side Call For Action’s work, the bank has instead offered to reimburse him more than double the $7,500 value of the car.

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