Our partners at KKTV in Colorado Springs report on the story of a business flooded with angry phone calls.  The cause?  A scammer is “spoofing” its phone number so that it appears its calls, in which they try to con people into business loans, are actually coming from his legitimate business’s number.

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KKTV contacted the FCC for more information, and provided a few suggestions if you believe your number has been spoofed:

If you get a large volume of calls complaining about the calls from your spoofed number, consider updating your voicemail message explaining the problem.

Scammers change their spoofed numbers frequently, so you may not experience the problem for long.

Click here to read more information from the FCC about what to do if your phone number is spoofed. If you think you’re the victim of spoofing, you can file a complaint with the FCC here.

To submit your consumer complaint, use our online form.