Our partners at KHON in Honolulu, Hawaii report on a scam that could affect any Paypal user.  A man received an email, claiming to be from Paypal, indicating that he had successfully paid $25 to someone he didn’t know.  He decided to call the company to verify.  He googled Paypal customer service and called, but didn’t realize that the listing he had found was actually a fake phone number planted in the google search results by a sophisticated scammer.  The person he reached on the phone told him his account had been hacked, and that he needed to purchase a Google Play gift card and read off the numbers in exchange for deleting the hacked information.  At that point, the man hung up the phone, recognizing the scam.  He was fortunate enough to notice the signs that he was dealing with a scammer rather than a legitimate representative of Paypal, but this serves as a broader warning.  Don’t call a customer service number from an email or web search that you can’t verify on the actual website of the company you’re trying to contact.  NEVER read off the numbers of a prepaid gift card over the phone, as this is an increasingly frequent scam tactic.

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