Robocalls – We all get them. Lately they are more frequent and the scammers behind them are getting better at tricking us into answering them.

A recent trend in robocalls is called neighborhood spoofing. This is when you get a call and the caller ID displays the first 6 digits or your own phone number. This makes it appear like a call coming from your local area. Many of us are much more likely to answer calls from someone locally. Might be a local business calling us to remind us about dry cleaning being ready, a hair salon appointment, or a new friend not yet in our address book.

However once you answer the scams are the same.

Last week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released this new graphic to help spread the word about spoofing. Spoofing occurs when someone alters caller ID information with intent of defrauding he person answering the call.


The FCC has some tips for unwanted calls. Learn more at