Our St. Louis partners at KTVI Contact 2 were able to help a consumer recover nearly $9,000 of money stolen from an online account by a scammer.  Recently homeless and working to get back on her feet financially, the woman had been saving her tax refund with an online payment service.  When she had issues accessing the funds, she looked up what she thought was the service’s customer service number online.  The person on the other end claimed to be customer service and walked her through installing an app on her phone which let him log into it remotely.  Once she logged into the payment app, the screen went blank.  Her money had been stolen by a scammer posing as tech support.  Not knowing where to go, she reached out to Contact 2, who reached out to the payment app company.  While they didn’t get into the details of the case, they did restore her balance, resolving the issue to the consumer’s satisfaction.


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To avoid being taken by criminals like this, it’s important to make sure you contact the right people for customer service or technical support.  Scammers have the ability to plant false listings for customer service lines online, directing people to fake phone numbers.  Double check any customer service number you find on the verified website of the company you’re trying to contact.  Third party sites that list the number may contain outdated or fraudulent information.

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