Our partners at TMJ4 in Milwaukee were able to get a fortunate refund for a group of families that had made a costly mistake.  A group of parents had used an online payment service to transfer more than $1,200 to another individual for the purpose of covering lodging for a youth baseball trip.  However, the mom who made the transfer got the intended recipient’s email address wrong by a couple of characters, and the money went to the wrong person.  It was a few days before she discovered the mistake, and at that point options were limited.  Thanks to the efforts of TMJ4 and the Call 4 Action volunteers, a refund was obtained as a one-time favor from the payment company.  The wrongful recipient of the funds never responded.


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The lesson here is to act quickly.  Call For Action Director Karen Stiles advises that you should only use payment apps to send money to people you know, and to call the person you’re paying as soon as you send the money to make sure they got it.  Timing can be of the essence, since payment apps often let you correct mistakes within a limited window of time.  Even if you’ve made a costly mistake, it can be helpful to reach out to Call For Action.  Our volunteers’ third-party perspective can help mediate a resolution that two parties might not reach by themselves.

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