Plenty of companies say they support service members and veterans, but in a recent case, it took some help from Call For Action to get a veteran the consumer support he deserved. Our Colorado Springs affiliate at KKTV Call 11 For Action was able to get a full refund for a veteran who works as a contractor with the military in Afghanistan when he was forced to buy a replacement ticket at the last minute due to a data entry error. He had purchased a ticket through a third-party seller to travel to Dubai, from which he would take a military transport to Afghanistan. However, when he showed up to the airport in Colorado Springs, the airline’s representatives told him that his name didn’t match his identification documents. For some reason, his first, middle, and last name had been merged into the first name field. Unable to correct the situation promptly and needing to make the flight in order to make his connection, the consumer had no choice but to buy another ticket, costing more than $5,000. Despite complaints to the airline, he was only able to get a refund of a few hundred dollars. Then they reached out to the Call For Action team at KKTV, who reached out to the airline and were able to negotiate a full refund. The third-party seller said that consumers should try to correct errors like this within 24 hours, but the problem here was that the error wasn’t uniform — In other fields, his name appeared correctly. The issue was only identified at the last minute. To avoid problems like this, make sure you check all of your boarding information and travel documents when you purchase them, and follow up with the airline or seller promptly if you have questions.

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