The ability to pay a parking meter from our phones is a great way to have a cashless, paperless experience. Unfortunately, technology can have errors, and it’s hard to argue with a parking ticket on your car once it’s been issued. Our St. Louis affiliates at KTVI Contact 2 were able to secure a refund for a local woman who struggled to use her parking app. The problem she encountered was that the physical parking meter was active from 8am to 7pm, but the app only allowed her to pay between 9am and 6pm. As a result, she ended up with a ticket and complained. There was some dispute as to whether a complaint had been received or acted on, and the city ultimately argued that user error caused the problem and that the woman could have paid the meter with cash or a credit card. Despite that, the inquiry from Contact 2 persuaded them to issue a refund out of good will, in the form of a credit to her parking app.

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