Our partners at WPRI Call 12 For Action in Providence, Rhode Island helped secure a refund for a homeowner who was distraught after a landscaping company she’d hired cut down the wrong trees, including a beloved cedar tree she had planted herself.  The problem began when she initially hired the company to remove some shrubs and a tree.  They cut down the plants, but left the shrub stumps.  She asked the company to return and finish the job, marking the shrub stumps with ribbons to be clear.  Instead, the company cut down two more shrubs and the cedar tree.  To make matters worse, they then sent her a bill for $900, double what the initial service was supposed to cost.  She reached out to Call 12 For Action, who got in touch with the landscaping company.  While they said the misunderstanding was on the homeowner’s end, they confirmed that she should not have been double charged.  An independent landscaper assessed the damage to the wrongly-cut tree and shrubs to be $500, and Call 12 For Action was ultimately able to convince the landscaper to cancel the entire bill and send $50 for the difference.

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