Call For Action Director Karen Stiles and TMJ4 in Milwaukee provide some helpful information on buying renter’s insurance.  If you rent a house or apartment, your landlord’s insurance policies won’t cover your personal belongings.  Buying a renter’s insurance policy will cover your belongings and can help cover expenses if someone is injured in your home or you are temporarily forced to leave the house or apartment during repairs.

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Some tips to consider when shopping for renter’s insurance:

  • Ask questions about how much coverage will you have per incident.  Will your policy cover the actual cash value of your belongings, or the replacement value?
  • Find out if you will be covered for temporary lodging if you have to leave your home for repairs.
  • Does the policy cover special items such as jewelry, antiques, and business equipment, or does that require an additional rider?
  • Ask about the procedures for filing a claim.