Smartphones are incredible tools, but the more you rely on it the more dangerous it can be in a criminal’s hands.  All of your personal information, financial services, and more could be instantly at a thief’s fingertips if they can get your phone and unlock it.  Our partners at KTNV in Las Vegas warn that unlocking your phone in public by using your passcode could put it at risk.  Instead, it’s more secure to use the fingerprint scan to unlock your device.  If someone looks over your shoulder and sees your passcode, it would be extremely easy for them to steal it and unlock the device.  At that point, the sky’s the limit to what they could access.  Most simply, they can use any account you’re logged into, including banking and payment apps.  Even if you aren’t logged in and they don’t know your password to various accounts, they can reset a password once they have your phone and email account — Even if you use two-factor authentication!  Most fundamentally, make sure your smartphone is locked.  Then, make sure you don’t make it easy for criminals to unlock it.   Once you’ve done put those protections in place, consider installing one of the available apps to lock down your phone remotely in the event it is lost or stolen.


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