Your personal information is incredibly valuable. With identity theft and fraud rampant, it’s extremely important to protect yourself by protecting your information. Our affiliates at KTNV in Las Vegas report on the case of a man who, caught off guard, ended up handing over his ID and health insurance card to a scammer. He was in a rush when a man came to his door, claiming that he was canvassing their neighborhood for a new medical service. This stranger, who was a scammer, told him that he could take a mouth swab and diagnose cancer or other diseases, if he would just provide his proof of ID and an insurance card. He handed them over, and later realized what a mistake he had made. By the time he realized, the scammer was gone. The victim put in an alert to his insurance company to watch for suspicious claims activity and is monitoring his credit reports, but this serves as an important reminder: NEVER give out personal information to someone who you don’t know who comes to your door. If they try to pressure you, that’s a red flag. If you think you may have inadvertently given personal information to a scammer, contact local law enforcement, and consider submitting a complaint to your state consumer protection office and the Federal Trade Commission.

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