Low Cost Broadband Options

The Internet has revolutionized the way we learn, work, and do business. Home broadband access has become more and more of a need for families to participate in modern society. Job applications, homework, health services and a host of other daily activities require high-speed connectivity.

Unfortunately, one out of every four households in America lacks access home broadband (Internet), which is increasingly becoming a necessary tool for success. This lack of connectivity often results from a shortage of affordable options. Below are links to current low-cost broadband offerings from providers across the country.

Studies show that students without access to high-speed internet have struggled as schools begin to use more online resources, including putting daily assignments online. This disadvantage continues beyond the classroom and into the workplace, where eighty percent of Fortune Five Hundred businesses have moved job applications online and the use of social media by job recruiters to attract candidates has become standard.

In an effort to help close the “digital divide”, companies such as AT&T, Charter Communications (Spectrum) and Comcast are stepping up to address the problem. Each has developed a program to provide low-cost, high-speed service to households that meet certain requirements. A few of these programs also provide access to low-cost computers, smartphones and tablets to those who qualify.

Click on the service provider(s) that offers home Internet at your address to learn more about the programs offered.

AT&T – Access

Charter Communications – Spectrum Internet Assist

Comcast Internet Essentials

Cox Connnect2Compete

If you live an area not served by one of the above providers EveryoneOn’s Connect2Compete program may have options in your area.

A report on low-cost broadband from our partners at WPRI in Providence, Rhode Island:

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