Our partners at WFMY in Greensboro, North Carolina share a simple but potentially very important tip.  Families around the country will purchase evergreen trees for in-home display this holiday season, but it can be a tricky proposition to transport one to your home.  Question:  When you picture a Christmas tree tied to the roof of a car, which way is it pointed?  Many people assume the top of the tree should face forward, but they’re wrong.  With the top of the tree facing forward and the branches folded upward, the tree is much more likely to catch wind, damaging its appearance or worse yet, flying off your car entirely — A dangerous situation!  Tie on your tree with the trunk facing forward for an aerodynamic and safe trip home.  It’s also a good idea to have a blanket to cover the roof of your car to prevent scraping.  If you are able to fit the tree inside your car, that same blanket will help you keep needles from collecting in your car and sticking around for months to come.

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