Last year, Call For Action received a huge number of calls relating to cashless toll collection — The reduction of congestion and labor costs combined with convenience for consumers have made cashless toll collection via transponder or license plate photo an increasingly popular option around the country.  As Dana Fowle and our Atlanta partners at WAGA describe, these changes can lead to consumer confusion, particularly when neighboring states have different toll pass systems.  In their report, they discuss some of the regional toll systems in the southeast, as well as some options you may have when you travel out of state.  For instance, Georgia’s “Peach Pass,” when linked to a credit card, is accepted for cashless tolls in neighboring Florida and North Carolina (although consumers need to link the pass to a credit card — As one viewer advised, the prepaid version of the pass doesn’t work this way).  The conclusion, as always:  Do your research and know before you go.

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