More and more devices in our lives are connected to the internet.  Smart devices like virtual assistants have exciting features that consumers may be eager to use as soon as they buy them, but hastily setting up these devices without considering how they could be exploited could be putting you at risk.  Call For Action Director Karen Stiles and our Milwaukee partners at TMJ4 have some suggestions on how to protect your privacy when you use smart devices in your home.


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Here are some helpful tips to protect your privacy when using smart devices:

When you set up your smart devices, make sure you read the manual as well as the privacy policies.  This way you can better understand what the device’s capabilities are and make informed choices about how you want to set them up and which features you want to enable.

Keep your Wifi network secure, and set complex passwords for your home Wifi and smart devices.  Change your passwords regularly.  When your devices are not in use, disconnect them from Wifi or Bluetooth.

Limit what information you share online.  The more information you willingly share with internet-connected devices, the more information is potentially vulnerable to hacks.

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