Call For Action Director Karen Stiles and WTMJ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin provide some warnings about dangerous, illegal contact lenses that you should avoid.  Millions of Americans use contact lenses to correct their vision.  Contact lenses are safe when used correctly, but it is important to remember that they are legally categorized as medical devices and regulated by the FDA.  If you’re interested in cosmetic contact lenses that you can use to change your eye color or for a costume, don’t buy them if they are sold without a prescription.  Illegal lenses sold without a prescription can fit improperly or be contaminated, harming the surface of your eye or causing an.  The FDA requires you get a prescription from an eye doctor in order to purchase contact lenses.  Per FTC rules, you are not required to purchase lenses from your eye doctor, but you should ensure you are buying lenses from a reputable seller.  If a vendor offers contact lenses without requiring a prescription, consider that a red flag and shop elsewhere.

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While you need to get your original prescription from an eye doctor, in many cases you can use online tools to get your existing prescription renewed.

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