Some cases are big, some are small, but Call For Action volunteers get results. Our Indianapolis affiliates at the IndyStar closed 17 cases last month, valued at over $25,000. In one case, a consumer sought a refund of a $110 termination fee for changing services within the same company. The volunteer did even better, obtaining a $640 settlement. Beyond the cases handled, volunteers referred out another 30 cases to outside resources who were better equipped to assist. The results are clear — Call For Action helps consumers and provides great value. Congratulations to our Indianapolis team, which has saved or recovered more than $1.4 million since our partnership began in 2016!

IndyStar Call for Action’s free help secures more than $25,000 in savings or refunds in April

CLOSE A botched plumbing job. A missing airline discount. An erroneous bill for internet and cable service. Those were some of the cases our amazing IndyStar Call for Action volunteers successfully resolved for frustrated Hoosiers in April. Others included a construction project left unfinished. A car repair that didn’t fix the problem.

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