Our partners at WTOL in Toledo, Ohio report on the story of a local woman who has called the station’s Call For
Action volunteers repeatedly to complain about illegal trash dumping on her street.  While the city would continuously clean it up, the trash just kept appearing.  Finally, a resolution has come — An individual has been charged for the repeated illegal dumping.  The caller expressed her hope that this would discourage people from dumping in the future, as the city’s clean-up efforts cost taxpayers money.

Call 11 for Action: Man charged for illegal dumping on Utah St.

TOLEDO (WTOL) – You might remember DiDi Fitzgerald. She’s an east Toledo woman who has come to WTOL in the past about illegal dumping on her street. Fitzgerald said she’s had enough after on-and-off dumping for the 17 years she’s lived on Utah Street in east Toledo.

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