Our Phoenix affiliates at the Arizona Republic report on a massive effort by a Cuban crime ring to skim credit card numbers and print them on fake cards, then using those cards to buy massive quantities of gasoline to sell illegally. Bluetooth technology has made it easier for criminals to install a device on a fuel pump and then skim and collect a huge volume of credit card numbers remotely.

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Here are some tips to prevent yourself from being robbed by a credit card skimmer:

  • Before pumping your gas, inspect the PIN pad, credit card scanner, and any seals for signs of tampering or additional hardware attached on top of the pump.
  • Don’t pay with a debit card with a PIN number. A skimmer with that information could empty your bank account. Instead, use a credit card, which has additional fraud protection. Using a designated credit card with a lower credit limit could help provide peace of mind.
  • Pay inside the store — If you pay cash, it’s even safer.
  • Check your bank and credit accounts routinely and report any suspicious purchases as soon as you can.

See the full article here:

Cuban crime ring may have stolen your credit card number from an Arizona gas station

CLOSE A Cuban crime ring that stole credit and debit card numbers from potentially hundreds of Arizonans at gas stations across metro Phoenix has been busted, the state Attorney General’s Office said. The suspects are accused of printing stolen numbers onto fake cards to purchase hundreds of gallons of fuel to sell on the black market, officials said.

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