With all the paperwork one has to sign to purchase a house, it can be hard to imagine anyone being able to take it away from you. That’s exactly what happened to a local family, as our Cincinnati affiliate at WKRC Local 12 reports. A family was stunned in January when a couple abruptly moved into their home and took it over. The couple had a deed to the property, allegedly signed by the lawful homeowners, but those signatures had been forged. The deed was still processed by the county, though, because the fake deed had been notarized by a real notary. While the notary in question should not have provided her seal if she didn’t witness the signatures, she claims she was persuaded to do so by the thieves. While that couple has been convicted of stealing the family’s home and several other properties, the notary has faced no consequences. Shockingly, with a notary’s seal, there is very little local officials can do to question the transfer of a property, even if they suspect something is wrong. The main thing you can do as a homeowner is make sure you retain your original documents in a safe place and assert your rights.

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