Thieves are everywhere, technology is helping them get more sophisticated, and a key example of this is playing out at the gas pump.  Our partners at WRDW in Augusta, Georgia report on a more dangerous version of a previous scam, as well as a new tool you can use to protect yourself.  Throughout their region, law enforcement keeps finding credit card skimmers on pumps and at cash registers at gas stations.  Not long ago, it was easier to spot these devices with a visual inspection, or by jiggling the card reader.  The newest technology that criminals use to skim credit cards are much smaller, and can even operate wirelessly.  The thief can pull into the parking lot and load all the skimmed information into a computer with Bluetooth technology without even touching the device.  One government official was blunt when asked how to spot the devices, simply saying, “you can’t.”  But there is some hope.  You can use apps available on both iPhone and Android to use your phone to detect wireless card skimmers in the gas pump.  Some gas stations have their own electronic payment services, which you can use to bypass skimmers.  Some also accept third-party payment apps, such as ApplePay.  Finally, if you want to remove any risk of digital theft, cash is always a secure option.

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