Our partners at KHON in Honolulu, Hawaii warn about fake emails claiming to be from Apple. These emails look like billing receipts or password reset emails for iTunes, but they attempt to get you to click a link and enter your login information so that it can be stolen.

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These fake emails can appear genuine, especially when they use graphics and fonts that resemble what Apple uses. To ensure an email is genuine before you act on it, consider the following:

  • A genuine bill will typically have your name on it. Some of these scam emails do not because they are sent generically to large numbers of people.
  • Apple advises that your billing address will be on any billing email they send you. If the email doesn’t list your billing address, it is likely fraudulent.
  • Check the sender. Official emails from apple will come from noreply@email.apple.com. Fake emails often come from much longer email addresses that may say “apple” in them somewhere, but are not the same.

If you think you may have accidentally given your login information to a scammer, Apple advises that you change your password right away. They also ask that you report to them any fraudulent correspondence claiming to be from Apple.

To submit your consumer complaint, use our online form.