Our partners at WPVI in Philadelphia were able to get some financial relief for a couple whose vacation was not what they thought they’d paid for.  The couple hired a travel agent to book a Bermuda vacation, expecting that the agency would provide them some security in case there were any problems.  Because the husband has back and knee problems, the couple specifically requested accommodations without hills or steps.  When they arrived, the resort did not meet their requested specifications.  They had to climb many steps to get to the pool and dining areas, and spent most of the vacation relying on a maintenance van for transportation at the resort.  The couple complained to the travel agency as soon as they arrived, but they refused to help or refund any of the cost of the trip.  Then they reached out to WPVI’s Call For Action team, who contacted the travel agency and secured a $1,700 refund for the couple.  While this story ends with a refund being granted, the vacation itself can’t be fixed.  A quick internet search of the resort shows multiple visitor reviews complaining of numerous stairs to climb and a “very hilly” property.  To avoid an unpleasant surprise like this couple got, do your own internet research, even if you’ve worked through a travel agency.  Looking up your accommodations online can tell you whether your travel agent booked you something that meets your needs.

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