Our partners at WTOL in Toledo investigated multiple reports from residents that the water supplied to their trailer park was contaminated.  Some claim that the smell, color, and taste have been poor for years, though management claims the water meets safety standards.  Meanwhile, management of the park also says they plan to add water meters to the units.  The residents have petitioned against it, arguing that they don’t want meters that cost them more money and don’t guarantee cleaner water.  WTOL made inquiries at the park and to the park’s ownership group.  The park’s local management did not respond to inquiries, while the management group claimed that the water is tested regularly and safe, suggesting instead that the pipes supplying individual homes may be to blame, rather than the central water supply.  The residents are considering legal action against the park’s management, but haven’t reached that point yet.

Call 11 for Action: Mobile home residents fed up with troubled water

TOLEDO (WTOL) – Neighbors at Arrowhead Lake Mobile Home Park in Swanton told WTOL they are deeply concerned about their water’s taste, odor and appearance. Some neighbors said it’s been that way for many years, but a new policy from management has them saying enough is enough.

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