If you rent a car this summer, there’s a good chance it will be a connected car. Our Providence partner, WPRI, reports on the dangers of connecting your phone to a rental car.

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If you connect your mobile device to your rental car, it can be an incredibly convenient way to call, text, navigate, or listen to music hands-free.  However, with that convenience comes risk. Personal data, like your contacts, addresses, phone calls, or text messages can remain stored in the car’s computer after you’ve returned the vehicle.  A synced music app could even link back to your credit card information. As a precaution, if you have connected your phone with a rental car, take the following steps before you return it:

  • Go to the car’s infotainment settings menu  
  • Search for devices paired with system
  • Follow prompts to delete your device

This may be a good task to complete while you are filling the car up just before you return to the airport.