If someone else is at fault in an accident, it stands to reason they should pay for the damage. When a government vehicle is involved, though, the answer can be a bit more complicated. Our Buffalo affiliates at WIVB Call 4 Action report on a case where a couple was left relying on their insurance when a city vehicle backed into their pickup truck. The city worker who caused the accident was working on filling potholes in the neighborhood when he backed into a parked car. He immediately admitted fault and assured the couple that the city would pay. The problem is, per law in all 50 states, public employees are exempt from liability when they are performing their duties. After the couple filed a police report, their claim was rejected and they were left paying with their own insurance, facing a $1,000 deductible and potentially increased rates despite the fact that the accident was not their fault. A city official confirmed to WIVB that they were working to correct the situation in a way that is more fair to the couple.

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