Buying a used car can be a great way to save, but it’s important to know the history of the car you’re buying.  Prior damage can have a big impact on a car’s value.  Consumers have come to trust car history reports available online.  Our partners at WBZ in Boston uncovered a large number of used cars, which were sold with clean damage histories, despite past damage.

All of the cars came from a car rental company.  They found what appears to be a loophole.  The rental company claims they meet state requirements for reporting damage, but do not send such reports to the online vehicle history service.  The online vehicle history company, meanwhile, claims that they get information from the rental company, but that this information doesn’t include past damage.  Dealers withholding information about the condition of a car or otherwise misleading the buyer are violating the law.

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When buying a used car, the online history report is valuable, but Call For Action always recommends consulting an independent mechanic to inspect the vehicle and confirm its condition.

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