Our Las Vegas partners at KTNV 13 Action News took the call and are helping a frustrated consumer with solar panels he had installed in his home.  The homeowner had been assured when he bought the panels that they would provide nearly 100% of his energy, cutting his electric bill to virtually nothing.  For the first few months he had the panels, it worked fine.  But then he got a higher-than-expected electric bill and sought answers.  The company claimed he needed to build up energy credit over time, which would ultimately offset his power bill.  A year later, he still wasn’t seeing results and pushed back to the solar panel company again.  That’s when he learned that the company had made a mistake — The sales representative assessed the home calculated its energy consumption incorrectly, falling short by about 15%.  The company also stated that the sales rep was no longer working for them.  Dissatisfied with that explanation and wanting them to fix their mistake, the homeowner reached out to 13 Action News to seek help.  After contact from the station, the solar panel company confirmed that they were working toward a solution.


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Here are some tips to avoid an unpleasant surprise if you’re considering solar panels or any sort of home improvement project:

Check the licenses of any contractors you are considering hiring — Licensed, insured, and bonded contractors are often a better investment than someone without those qualifications and protections who offers to do the job for less money.

Get at least three estimates before choosing a contractor.  This will help you get a better indication that you’re getting a competitive price.

Read any contracts carefully, particularly any financing or interest policies.  Understanding the terms of your contract now can save you an unwelcome surprise later.

Take your time to make a decision.  Don’t succumb to pressure sales tactics.  Think things through, weigh your options, and be confident about your decision.

If you have problems with your licensed contractor, you have options for recourse:  You can file a complaint with their licensing organization.  This option doesn’t exist if your contractor isn’t licensed.

To submit your consumer complaint, use our online form.