Medical billing is complicated. Frequently, a billing department is physically separate from the place where you receive care, making it incredibly difficult to catch and fix a mistake. Mistakes do occur, and Call For Action volunteers can be a huge asset for correcting these issues. Volunteers with our Greensboro, North Carolina affiliate WFMY Call For Action were able to resolve a 5-month old issue of mistaken billing within a week. After a series of doctor visits while he recovered from an illness, an elderly patient started to receive bills for a service that would normally be completely covered by his health insurance. The bills kept coming, and each time he called the doctor’s office they agreed the bills were a mistake, noting that this had happened to 20 other patients. The billing issue, however, was not in the office’s hands. Billing was a separate department, which ultimately sent the man to collections, worrying him and adversely affecting his health. That’s when he reached out to Call For Action, where volunteers were able to speak with a spokesperson and correct the issue a week later. He didn’t have to pay the bills and the biller issued an apology for the error.

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