Consumers who feel like they’re pushing up against a wall can always Call For Action to get help.  Our partners at the Indianapolis Star report the story of a couple who were wrongly charged back taxes, but couldn’t get anywhere despite numerous attempts to sort the situation out with the IRS.  They called IndyStar’s Call For Action volunteers and got help.  A volunteer took charge of their case, made them feel like they were heard, and mediated a solution with the IRS, saving the couple from having to pay $3,804 in erroneous debts.

Call for Action solves IRS dispute: ‘It made us feel like somebody was finally hearing us’

CLOSE Today is Tax Day – that dreaded deadline for filing your state and federal income tax returns. It’s also a good time to remind you that IndyStar Call for Action can sometimes help Hoosiers resolve tax problems. Just last week, one of our volunteers, Marilyn from the Wednesday team, closed a case that saved an Indianapolis couple $3,804 the IRS was erroneously seeking for back taxes.

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